How to Spy on Someones Phone

Most people wondering how to spy on someones phone want to know for one of two reasons – cheating spouses and to safeguard children. Cell phone monitoring can be done using specialized spy phone software downloaded directly to the phone as an application, also known as an “app”. How to spy on a cell phone depends on which group and what reason you are after.

Tracking Mobile Phones

A few higher end cell phone spyware apps allow you to track the phone as it moves. Certain apps such as Stealth Genie show you how to spy on someones phone by drawing boarders around geographic areas or pinpoint locations; from this the cell phone spyware detects when the phone leaves, or enters, the designated area. You are sent a signal via SMS or an email telling you the phone, and the person, have moved and in which direction.

Another feature FlexiSpy has is the ability to capture and record calls. Their website shows you how to spy on someones phone by becoming a third party to the conversation without ever being known. Phone Sheriff also has a feature to allow a third party to listen in on a phone call but does not allow capturing of the call or recording.

Examples of how to spy on someones phone using phone tracking:

  • Create a call log within a certain time period. This helps track both inbound and outbound calls when the subject is not home; use the call log to determine patterns, then use an app like Mobile Spy as a cell phone spy to listen in.
  • Create a pinpoint location of where the subject is supposed to be; if they are not there, you are notifed.
  • Create a time frame for the app to map movement. This helps should the subject leave early, arrive late, or not show up during the designated time period at a location.
  • Download all calls, texts, maps and emails through your online interface to your computer. This creates a physical reference that cannot be reputed.

Text Message Spy Apps – Best Spy Phone Software

It is possible to spy on text messages using basic low end iPhone spyware. Tracking text messages is the simplest way to spy on a cell phone. Many parents will want this feature to monitor their children and their phones. With many teens having an Android spyware such as Spy Bubble is useful as it is suited for these phones. Cell phone spying is useful if you want to know whom your child is talking to and when. A text message spy app creates a log of all texts sent and received including deleted texts,

Mobile Stealth and Blackberry Spyware – Best Spy Phone Software

MobileStealth has a Pro version that may be of interest to both parents and spouses. With this high-end app you can access the phone directly to see exactly what the user sees. Here’s a quick list:

  • Read Blackberry Messenger conversations (must be v.5 and above to work)
  • Read actual emails as they appear on the phone (incoming and sent)
  • View call logs including time, date, name and number
  • View the photos and videos stored on the phone
  • Log text messages
  • Track the phone via GPS in real time (no delay)

If you have children you want to know who they are with. If you have a wife or husband, you want to know if they are faithful. To do either, you have to spy on someones phone to know what is going on.

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